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Spring Cleaning Challenge
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Reusable containers will be placed by dorms on college campuses for students to put unwanted items at the end of the spring term instead of throwing them away. The items will be donated to The Rock Thrift Store

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The impact will be to bring pervasive hope through various programs in San Diego county through the donations.

The Spring Cleaning Challenge is a program that is currently starting on the Point Loma Nazarene University campus in San Diego in conjunction with the Point Loma Sustainability group. During the last week of the semester, reusable cardboard containers will be placed outside of each dorm building. As students prepare to move out of their dorms for the summer, they will be encouraged to donate their unwanted goods instead of throwing them away. The items donated will be given to The Rock Church’s thrift store in San Diego to then be distributed to the homeless community and those in need. After running this first trial, we will expand the program to colleges around San Diego county and increase in size from there. Our team’s goal is to eventually make this a nationwide program, impacting every part of the United States. This program has a twofold impact. First and foremost, it will make a much needed impact in the homeless community through the donations. The Rock Thrift Store has partnerships with the San Diego Fire Department, the San Diego Police Department, Harbor Police, Red Cross and offers vouchers for homeless and domestic violence victims. As these donations come in, they will automatically be able to be used in one of these numerous programs to assist those who are in need. Secondly, The Spring Cleaning Challenge will reduce the university’s carbon footprint by recycling items instead of adding them to the growing landfills. And, as the program grows, college campuses all over the nation could be reducing their wastes. These donation containers on the campuses will be much more used by students and will be more successful than off campus donation centers because of the convenience. A student is much more likely to donate an item if the donation container is sitting right next to the dumpster. Few students would take the effort to look up the nearest donation center, save the items and drive there so we will provide them with a convenient alternative that takes no extra effort on their part.

Roadmap to Success

Roadmap to Success: 

Sponsors, Investors, and Supporters

Rock Thrift Store
Your Love. Community Needs. Our Mission to Serve


What is your innovation? 
Our innovation is simply to provide college campuses with donation centers in each dorm building to be utilized by students during move out week. The donations will then benefit the local population through these donations.
Who gains the most? 
The group to gain the most from this project is the local destitute community. Each item donated will be available for people in need to take for free through the Rock Thrift Store or will be given to one of their numerous partners to distribute.
Who pays? 
This program is currently being funded by the Rock Thrift Store, which is providing the storage containers for the college campuses. Once the project expands, we will look to partner with other local thrift stores in the area of the colleges. There is only the cost of the containers involved with this project. The rest relies on the donations of students and the volunteer workers supervising the donation spots.
What is your success? 
Because this project is only a yearly event, success will look a bit different. But, our vision is that this year we will be able to host donation centers on four San Diego college campuses and provide thousands of dollars worth of goods to local thrift stores. After we judge the success of this years event, we will be able to expand the program in subsequent years, partnering with other non-profit thrift stores and universities throughout California and throughout the nation.
How will you do it? 
Our program outline is very simple because it is a self containing project. We will provide the storage containers to each campuses dorm after receiving support from the university’s administration. We will partner with the campus' sustainability club or group to recruit volunteers and will willingly supply our own volunteers if needed to man the donation sites. At the end of finals week/move out week we will have the containers emptied and all of the items taken to the local thrift stores.

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USD SIC 2014 Semifinalist
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