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Lace Up Stand Up is a non-profit student organization who believes that bullying can be stopped through teaching leadership skills and intervention techniques to the witnesses and bystanders of bullying situations.

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Our most important social impact is teaching youth leadership skills they can use for the rest of their lives.

Lace Up Stand Up (LUSU) began as a social change project through a class in the Leadership Minor at the University of San Diego in the spring of 2012. Through the implementation of leadership theory, we address the root of bullying from its core and have developed a curriculum that empowers the entire community, not just the victims and bullies. Specifically, we believe that change can occur through teaching witnesses about bullying and leadership techniques. In this way, witnesses take an active role in preventing, intervening, and stopping bullying. Our organization is using neon green shoelaces as a means of spreading awareness about school bullying. 

Our Mission: Our mission is to empower and unite youth against bullying. Lace Up Stand Up has developed a leadership curriculum that provides students with the tools that they need to combat bullying themselves through witness intervention techniques. Our program will succeed because:

The focus of the program is on the witnesses. Teaching those who witness bullying to intervene and become allies to victim(s) increases the leadership exhibited by students, shows victim(s) that they have support in their time of need, and demonstrates to bullies that what they are doing is not acceptable.

Facilitators meet students at their level. Our facilitation strategy follows a relational model of leadership. We share our experiences of being a witness, victim, or bully, and demonstrate the potential for change at every level of the community. LUSU offers a curriculum that provides strategies for the spectrum of leadership capacities and range of bullying that students may face.

The program provides a platform where leaders develop leaders. LUSU focuses on teaching students facilitation and leadership techniques they can use in our workshop environment. We believe that this approach allows the program to come full circle in both the facilitators and the students learning and increases the impact LUSU can have while developing influential leaders.

Roadmap to Success

Roadmap to Success: 

Sponsors, Investors, and Supporters

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego
Lace Up Stand Up is now officially partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego for the 2013. and invited to present the leadership workshop at over 15 clubs during the spring of 2013.  


What is your innovation? 
Attempts to stopping bullying typically are approached from empowering the victims and bringing awareness to the bullies. Utilizing leadership theory, we address the root of bullying at its core and have developed an experiential curriculum that empowers the entire community and most specifically the witnesses, not just the victims and bullies. In this way leadership provides the vehicle for social change as witnesses take an active role in preventing, intervening, and stopping bullying.
Who gains the most? 
Our program is designed to create social change, resulting in a cultural shift that impacts the entire community. We focus on teaching those who witness bullying to intervene and become allies to the victim(s). This increases the leadership of students, support to the victim(s), and shows bullies that their behavior is unacceptable. In addition to the change created in the school cultures, LUSU facilitators benefit from the experience of putting leadership tools and theories into practice.
Who pays? 
Since we operate with volunteers, our costs are limited to workshop expenses, which the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego are currently committed to covering. As our program expands, however, we will implement an Ambassador Program and membership model that not only covers our costs, but also creates income that will be destined to further expand and increase the quality of our work through staff training and capacity building.
What is your success? 
Our success translates to a cultural shift that increases witness interventions thus decreasing bullying. 
During the next 12 months, through 50 workshops, reaching 5,000 students, and fundraising $50,000 LUSU will expand our program. In three years, we will be working with high schools and middle schools nationally. In five, we will begin our LUSU Leadership Summit that maintains facilitation consistency, recognizes the LUSU community, and establishes us as the hub for leadership training.
How will you do it? 
Our impact can be found in three main areas: outreach, which is the sustainable expansion of the program; program design, which is the unique curriculum offerings, tools, and activities that our organization presents in schools and clubs; and leadership development, which is a learning network that improves LUSU performance and facilitation, and in turn, increases the impact and learning on behalf of the students, giving them leadership and problem-solving techniques not only applicable to bully

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