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HIFA Pumps are solar-powered water pumps that will be distributed to low-income areas with initial piloting in El Cercado, San Juan of the Dominican Republic.
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HIFA Pumps simultaneously and sustainably solve the energy and water issues prevalent in low-income areas.

Historically, endemic and epidemic waterborne disease has been of major consequence in the overall national health status of the Dominican Republic. The biggest reason waterborne disease is so prevalent is insufficient access to potable water and sanitary facilities. 21% of the Dominican population still does not have access to improved water sources. This is where we step in. 

We plan to pilot a water distribution structure that will ensure water is provided to the villagers of El Cercado, San Juan. The structure will house 2 water displacement pumps; a solar-powered pump and a manual foot pump. The solar powered pump will derive its power from the electricity provided by a photovoltaic panel mounted on the structure's roof or a marine battery which has stored the day's excess solar energy. The manual foot pump is a commercial-grade marine foot pump capable of pumping to the reservoir in case of emergencies. These pumps will feed into a common three-way valve to ensure only one method is in service at any given time. 

In its initial phase, HIFA Pump is a large-scale good that will support the villagers of El Cercado, San Juan. After funding is utilized to successfully install the system in our first target area, our social innovation will be easily implemented in similar areas. The system supports other environmentally-friendly initiatives that will be implemented in Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering's planned trip back to the Dominican Republic in January 2015.

Roadmap to Success

Roadmap to Success: 


What is your innovation? 
HIFA Pumps are solar-powered water pumps. They last about 20 years, have submersible capabilities, and will revolutionize the means by which villages will obtain their water supply.
Who gains the most? 
Remote villages with a lot of sun will gain the most from HIFA Pumps. Pumps can transport water 450 feet up vertically or through miles of pipeline. The water can supply an entire village.
Who pays? 
We hope to gain funding through USD Associated Students for prototyping. Once we have a working prototype, we aim to seek funds through Kickstarter.
What is your success? 
Success is knowing villagers will have access to clean water in sufficient amounts. The raising of funds for 10 units (~$1000), coordination with a manufacturer to produce these pumps, and the distribution of pumps to the Dominican Republic will empower our team to implement HIFA Pumps in other areas.
How will you do it? 
As engineering majors, Team HIFA is equipped with the understanding of pump mechanics and solar panels. We will conduct extensive research to figure out the cheapest and most efficient way to bring our idea to life. We will focus our attention on the product and build a business proposal around our technical work.